Take command of inventory sales with your own


Maximise revenue and control by selling inventory directly to Media Buyers. Manage your own micro ad exchange that ensures data privacy according to regulations, your policies and your user’s consent.

Current challenges Publishers

Programmatic remains the most practical way for Publishers to generate revenue from website and app content but all of the programmatic options come with costs...

Compliance with Data Privacy Laws

Publishers are the most likely target for privacy law enforcement (e.g. GDPR). Maximising revenue requires sharing of audience data.

Opaque Supply Chain

Publishers typically receive less than 50% of ad spend. No visibility or control of who is bidding for and buying your inventory. No visibility or control over how your audience is being targeted.

Unreasonable Tech Costs

Technology and service fees based on inventory value rather than value add.

There is a better way

We are introducing new solutions powered by decentralised technologies to radically improve your ability as a Publisher to securely, compliantly maximise your revenue.

Galaxy: Your Private, Decentralised Ad-Exchange

An open-source prebid compatible ad server powered by smart contracts. Galaxy supports adapters for Prebid.js and prebid-server allowing a fast and easy integration into existing publisher ad tech stacks.

Securely maximise your revenue

  • Integration via Prebid standard, no big-bang migration

  • No intermediaries or intermediary costs.

  • No sharing or leaking of audience or user data.

  • Control and visibility of how your inventory is targeted.

  • Automatic enforcement of privacy regulations and user privacy consent signals.

  • Works perfectly alongside your existing RTB activity

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