Data Providers

Monetise data

without sharing it

Maximise revenue and control by using probabilistic database technology. Create a resource that can answer specific queries based on your data but which cannot access the actual data. Enables you to sell the usage of your data rather than access to it.

Current challenges Data Providers

Data Providers are a key driver of value in the Programmatic Advertising ecosystem but they are constantly forced to work around today's technology's limitations around control and visibility...

Surrendering Control to 3rd Parties

Using data for targeting and personalisation requires it to be loaded it into a third party application. Once the data has been shared the owner has lost control and visibility of its use and this can’t be restored

Valuable Data Leakage is Rife

Due to the surrendering of control, the valuable data-sets that Data Providers work hard to collect and maintain are frequently copied and stolen by bad actors who are facilitated by the limitations in current technology.

Inefficient Commercial Agreements

Knowing that data could be leaked means commercial agreements have to be priced to include this risk, and the buyer has to estimate the value they will get from the data before even testing it.

There is a better way

We are introducing new solutions powered by decentralised technologies to radically improve your ability as a Data Provider to privately, compliantly enrich media buying with your data.

Horizon: Privacy Compliant 1st & 3rd party Data

Decentralised data storage designed to work with Galaxy via Smart Contracts. Build privacy-safe data partnerships directly with Publishers, Media Buyers and other Data Providers.

Monetise without compromising

  • Privacy-safe 1st and 3rd party data management.

  • Data collaboration powered by Smart Contracts.

  • Flexible data structures for optimised bidding, personalised messaging and much more.

  • Deploy your data directly to where it's needed with full governance and fine-grained controls.

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