Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a "Smart Contract"?

A Smart Contract is an agreement written in a programming language that automatically executes, controls and documents events according to the terms of an agreement. In the case of Decentralised Advertising, smart contracts are used to record and control the agreements between the parties involved in programmatic advertising (publishers, ad buyers, data providers and service providers). An example of a smart contract is the targeting that an ad buyer wants to use for buying ad inventory.

Why would a publisher want to run their own publisher ad exchange?

A Publisher running their own ad exchange can maximise the value of their ad inventory without sharing the audience data and without breaking privacy regulations.

If the software is open source, how do you make money?

DA provides a hosting service for the Galaxy, Horizon and Nova applications. The charges are based on the computing and bandwidth required to run the applications. The fess are not based on the volume or value of the advertisng traded. No more adtech tax!

Can I leverage 3rd party data to buy ads through DA?

Yes, Horizon enables 1st and 3rd party data to be used for bidding, targeting and personalisation. It uses privacy-preserving data structures to provide a secure and compliant way of activating data.

Can I use my first party data for retargeting?

Yes, Horizon enables retargeting.