We're creating a new way of trading programmatic advertising, designed around modern, decentralised technologies.

It will solve the privacy issue, bring transparency to the media supply chain and be more cost effective to run & maintain.

Launching Soon

Supporting the industry's value-drivers

We are building solutions which support the business cases of the key value-drivers in the programmatic marketing industry.


Maximize revenue whilst retaining 100% visibility and control over your audience, including automatic and auditable compliance with user consent policies.

Media Buyers

Slash tech costs and buy inventory directly from authenticated publishers with complete supply chain transparency - inventory, data, technology and service.

Data Providers

Monetise data without exposing it to any parties not explicitly chosen by you. New commercial models can be built around the usage of, rather than the availability of, data.

Meet our Founders

Our team is based in London and we have extensive ad tech and engineering experience. Critically we have strong industry relationships and a clear strategy for driving adoption of our new solutions.

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